Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Speed Cleaning: Day Three (And Spousal Selection Commentary)

Oh.  Well, this is going really well.

My house wasn't trashed to begin with, but I don't do a lot of clean-cleaning.  Or, I do - but I have a house full of kids and pets - and a husband that does outdoor work in the evenings, so my house nearly always has a real mess to clean up.  The "normal" amount of maintenance keeps things decent but not incredible.  You're all familiar with "the tasks expand to fill the time allotted them"?  Yes. 


First day:  I cleaned most of the day.  But when I say, "I cleaned" - I mean I CLEANED.  From the ceiling to the floor, dusting, getting the duster out for the walls, cleaning windows... etc.  It took all that time to get the main living areas of the house (and my very scary sewing area)  in good shape.

Second day:  I cleaned about three hours.  Hit both bathrooms, did the hallway, lightly caressed the bedrooms.  On the second day I made my life much easier by acquiring a new expandable duster.  Microfiber is much better at gathering dust than my old fuzzy duster - and I can wash it.   We have ceiling fans... this is not a luxury. 

Third day:  Have I mentioned how much I love the new duster?  I'm using it for everything!  It's great on bookshelves too.  :)  And it's weird how much brighter the house looks having dusted the walls.  Couldn't tell they were dusty... (yes, this is "woman clean" - you dust the walls).  I cleaned for a couple of hours today... getting close to the one hour goal, but not quite there.

At this point I can see the places in my house that need some focused attention - the cookbook shelf is scary, so is my pile of things-to-file.  I feel disgustingly luxurious... the house is REALLY clean.  It feels so open and nice... do I deserve to live here?  (Yes, this is a thing).

Here's a thought for your day:  I grew up in a house where no one really got much dirty.  We had two cats, my parents were both academics, and I'm an only child.  A once-a-week sweep up was enough.  Including laundry and dishes (by hand) I would say that there was less than 15 hours of housework done (not including cooking) per week.

I married a man who can fix virtually anything, and enjoys doing so.  He's messy!  He leaves his tools places, he doesn't bother to pick things up, and workboots?  Oh my.  Workboots track in a lot of dirt.   Right now our back yard has a corner carved out for the patio we're planning to put in.  You know what a dirt corner + a dog + workboots equals?  Very.Dirty.Floors.   I probably put in 15 hours/wk just on laundry and dishes (dishwasher) - without cleaning. 

But my husband can fix anything.  Sometimes he goes over to my folks' house and fixes things.   And he's lightning fast. 

So I could whine and complain and rant about his messiness.  Or I could stew about it.  Or I could do what I do, which is shake my head and clean up and not worry about it too much. 

Meanwhile, I'll work on figuring out efficient ways to keep this place sparkling without letting the job expand to fill my whole life.

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