Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Hidden Art in my Home: Reward Time!

I know I've mentioned this before - but I really don't care about cleaning or organizing.  It's not fun.  I do, however, really enjoy living in a clean home.    I like shiny well-oiled wood without dust, my bare feet vastly prefer to walk on clean floors, and I find clutter mentally noisy.  So, I clean.

This is my reward.   I *adore* flowers.  I used to stick flowers in every room when I was a girl growing up (I've mentioned that my parents' house is much easier to keep clean than mine, right? LOL).  Cut flowers are trivially cheap here - flowers are one of SoCal's main exports.  These flowers came from my garden - I thought I had more, but the rest had petal fall.


They're not only lovely, they smell wonderful!!!  Lavender roses have a lovely old-rose scent.  I put these on the counter of "everybody puts everything here" to make a little visual break between dining room and kitchen.
I've also made myself a pretty space in my bedroom, in which I can sit and sip a cup of tea and curl up with a good book (or a silly one).  I put one of the sets of roses in here... don't they just make that space?

I cleaned very energetically yesterday, today I just swanned around and swept up... this is how I'll be spending my afternoon.  Curricula!  I've sorted out what 9yo will be doing, but 13yo's curricula has a bit of work left ... I have to figure out a good balance.   (And yes, I bought the sunflowers too.  So cheerful!)  I have a bag of randomness (on the floor) to sort from my car while I'm at it.

I grew up with peace and clean and gracious living... sometimes I forget that that is the natural reward to cleaning and maintenance... and then not enjoying the fruits of my labor, I don't want to keep laboring. 

So, today I still have work to do - but I am also going to relax and enjoy what I *have* done.  There must be balance. 

I hope you enjoyed the flowers!!

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