Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unified Field Theory of Beauty

God just gave me the most AWESOME insight.  Like, my head is spinning and I want to bounce around the house like a manic bunny rabbit. 

Beauty exists to connect the eyes and the heart, to show us the way to wonder. Wonder shows us the way to awe and to joy.

If your heart isn’t involved, if you’ve got not the slightest light of wonder or joy, it’s not beauty.

The point of the writing I'm doing, the point of a lot of - to be honest - futile effort is to help other folks fall as helplessly in love with beauty as I am.

I don't mean "beauty" as in makeup and hair and clothes.  I mean beauty.  The beauty that was called "Truth".  Beauty found in fine art and everyday sunsets.  Beauty in the smallest flower. 


Oh happyjoy!  If you realize that beauty exists to show you the path to wonder, you'll never worry about vanity.  Vanity is to show you the path to envy!


Beauty DOES exist to show us the way to God, because God made every bit of beauty there is!  Beauty shows us wonder and joy and we're supposed to feel awe and joy in the presence of God!

This is why Heaven is so beautiful (well, that and just 'cause God likes beauty).  It helps us along the way to the awe for the Creator. 


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