Sunday, August 18, 2013

You have to choose

I was doing my standard self-flogging about not being able to excel in everything on my very long to-do list... so I decided that first making a to-do list might be in order, so I could take a look at everything I want to do.

Spiritual Writing Work Chores
Intern reading writing cleaning
Daily devotions personal studies cooking
church attendance shopping, grocery
prayer, regular shopping, miscellaneous
prayer, intercessory Pet care
personal studies Laundry
Gardening, weeding
Taking care of Mom's stuff
home projects (patio project)
rest, mental
rest, physical
deep cleaning
organizing, home

Creativity Social Church Commitments Other
sewing, creative entertaining sewing, church blogging
decorating Husband time Intern reading Exercise
Gardening, pleasure social time Intern meetings extreme diet
social obligation Ride Ministry homeschooling
creation of traditions church attendance Kid wrangling
Computer morbling Planning
exhortation Gardening, pleasure
blogging recreation/nature time

Oh.  Maybe that's why I get stressed out?  It's not a complete list.  Every woman I know has a list like this in her head.  It's so hard to relax and enjoy and be in the moment with ... whatever... because you should always be doing something else.  Or you could.  I read an ad about a book exhorting you to make more of every moment in the day.  EEK.  That's the last thing I need - to feel guilty about my time management.   I'm sure I could do more, but then I start getting really behind on my "rest, mental" and it's not pretty.

You have to have a list, you have to prioritize your list.  Have your husband help you.  Men are fabulous at prioritizing.  And they don't even mind when it's "their fault" that you don't get to do something or other.  ;)  (I love submission some days).

Speaking of blogging, there's a related blog about choice in creation and why I'm glad I'm not an atheist that wants birthing... but I think I'll put that over at HHH.

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