Friday, September 27, 2013

Silly Problems

Silly problem:  I have an idea for a skirt in my head that would look absolutely fabulous, but I can't find the material for it. 

I wear my denim skirt all the time and wouldn't it be great if I had one in a soft apple green?  (Denimed/washed apple green, if that makes sense).  It would.  You know it would.  Now, if you can find me some soft apple green denim, that would be great.  :D

Silly problem:  My sense of style is becoming progressively more well-honed.  And I don't like anything I see.  Also, what I like and what likes me back aren't too similar, so I narrow my preferences down pretty far.

Yep.  Pretty silly.

I don't know why I wanted to tell you about the green denim.  I just did.  So, now you know about my silly problems.  :)

Status Quo

Just ... busy.

I'm on the home stretch for the garments.  It seems like everytime I find the home stretch, they move the finish line, but ... I'm getting these things *out of my house* soon, and that makes me extremely happy.  You may remember Manny the Mannequin showed up a week ago and I set hems - well, now I'm on the home stretch of sewing those hems (by hand, natch).  I finished all the sashes.  Finally.  So... finish hems.  Press everything within an inch of its life.  Take 'em in, put one set on Manny and give the other two sets to my mentor and finis!

I have to find a wig for him and make hats.  Yes.  :p  Never-ending finish line.  (I can't measure for the hats without hair, so therefore I cannot MAKE the hats without the wig).

I really want this off my conscience so I can do my own sewing.


Kitty is settling in well.  She's very happy in our bedroom.  We're trying to figure out her past a bit, as one does when one gets an animal from the pound.  We think she must have been dumped or gotten lost.  She doesn't care for the street noise, is extremely friendly, her claws are a *wreck*, and while our animals are friendly (surprisingly, in Nadia's case) she's not.  She seems a bit afraid of them.  :/  And she's the first cat I've ever kept in the bedroom who wasn't charging the door as soon as it opened.  Nope.  Not her.  She's content to curl up in the corner of our closet.  We've had to get her used to eating without being reminded.  Although clearly she IS eating, we're putting that badly needed weight on her.  A start, a start.  Was she a mom at some point?  I'll be asking the vet. 


My son is on his first non-family trip ... he'll be home tonight.  Getting him ready and out the door took up some of my week.  I'm pretty envious, it sounds amazing.  He's got a busy weekend coming up... sleepover and a play (book of Ruth) on Sunday.  And we were supposed to go to a field trip on Monday.  ... I didn't get us signed up, but that doesn't prevent us from going somewhere ELSE on Monday.  (


So, that's what's up.  :)

Monday, September 23, 2013


We had three cats when we woke up Saturday morning.

Nadia.  She's our mama cat.  We adopted her as a adolescent cat (she was in milk from her missing kittens) from the local animal shelter.  She's about 10 years old now.  She's been a good huntress, recently retired because the white puffy thing gets a lot of attention, and she never shows up with offerings. 

Molly.  She is a pure-bred Persian ... we were given her as a gift when our cat Frankie passed away.  Our son belongs to her.   She's three and a half.  Basically she's soft and sweet and puffy and loves the boy.

Sterling.  Silver-point Siamese mix.  He's the most social cat I've ever met.  He loves *everyone* - and he'll tell you all about it.  Likewise, he's three-and-a-half.  He's "my" cat - he comes and talks to me while I hang out the laundry. 

Sterling had a sister, until about a year ago, when a coyote got hungry... her name was Gigi.  No.  She wasn't pregnant.  She ate quite a lot of gophers. 

All cats pick their person.  Gigi belonged to my husband.  (As you can see, she was quite a good huntress).  He was very sad when she died. 

 Our longest-term cat, Frankie, was born in our closet.  We adopted his pregnant mother from the dumpsters at our first apartment building.  She only had one, very, very large kitten.  He ended up a very, very large black cat.  Here you can see the glaucoma that eventually caused him to get put to sleep.  He made it to fifteen years old, a pretty good age for a gentleman cat.  He belonged to everyone, but he was the first cat-of-the-heart to my husband... he slept in the space between our pillows and purred my husband to sleep.

As of 330 PM, Saturday afternoon, we are the proud owners of a ten-month old black and smoke tabby Siamese kitten.  (This will make sense when I add a picture).  She's coming home on Monday, after her spaying operation is complete.  My husband has been watching petfinder forlornly hoping to find his furlove, and we decided to cut to the chase and run down the shelter today. 
She wasn't the cat we went to see... but she was there for us.  She purred and rubbed the glass with her face and kneaded the pillow and ... well, she practically came through the glass to us.  After being told that she wasn't very social, and wouldn't interact, she repeated the love to our entire family - with especial attention to my hubs.  We didn't know it, but the shelter is running a sale ... each cat over five months $5,with the second cat free.   Spayed, chipped, shots, wormed, flea'd... the works. 
Amazing.  God works in mysterious ways.
For now, her name is Princess... we're pretty sure that will change.  We're not much for assigning permanent names in a rush.  Her name will appear.  And hopefully you've enjoyed the cat-tale.  :)
Here's our new addition, snuggled up in my husband's arms.  :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

One down...

Steps to making an embroidered, fringed sash.

1) cut your sashes out.

2) fringe them (pull the fringe)

3) embroider them

4) hem them

5) add decorative fringe

One sash, completely completed - second sash is half-way through step five, and the third is waiting in line for its last step.

I have linen underthings to hem... and I can TURN THESE THINGS IN.  Finally.  FINALLY.

Yes, I still have to make hats.  Apparently first I have to source a wig.  But getting the rest of the stuff out of my hands is a big deal.  A really big deal. 

Other than procrastination over step 3 (very boring) the rest hasn't been me, we only got Manny the Mannequin in last week, and I set his hems on Friday.

So, this is what the sashes look like........ :)

Exodus 39:29 And a girdle of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, of needlework; as the LORD commanded Moses.

They're not supposed to be exact - it's a museum.  But we're doing the best that we can.  This is my best.  I wish I had loom... but this is what I have. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

On my sewing table

Does anyone remember the shirt I was making for DH?  Probably not!

Well, having vanquished the dragon Procrastination... I've gotten to restart that project.  :)  Here's what got done today/tonight - I made *way* more progress than I thought I would.  -pleasedface-

(After a 36 hour hiatus while I fought with my adblocking software....)

Here's my very first patch pocket.  I bounced over to DH to show off my handiwork - he pointed out the 1/16th" that isn't quite matched up.  I blew a raspberry at him...

Here's the full shirt - well, so far.  :)  I'm sticking with basic, looks-like-RTW until I get at least one good shirt under my belt.  Then?  Then there is some *very* nice, somewhat interesting shirting fabric out there in the world.  DH has already approved my first interesting fabric choice.  :) 

Short-sleeved shirts don't take much yardage, I'm going to save bank.  :D  (This is good - his dress shirts run about $40.  Sure, that's not unreasonable, but - eh.  Plus I've only found one place that sells tall, slim dress shirts with short sleeves.  One.  So he looks like an ad for that company, and it's a bit boring.  Okay, he probably doesn't care.  I care.  So, nyah.)
In other sewing news, church FINALLY found a decent mannequin and we put up hems yesterday, so I have that project to work on.  :)  Here's Manny, in his first two layers of priestly goodness.
It's been a good week.  :D

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mending Pile

A brilliant idea, this dress... except that the weight of the skirt (20 foot hemline) ripped the elastic right out of the waist.  It's been on my mending pile, and today I finished the last of the embroidery on my sashes... and hit the mending.  :)

I ripped out the broken elastic thread and added a ribbon belt - just made button holes intermittently on the waist and laced ribbon through.  I'm going to need to add more ribbon, I have some bunching, but basically, it's good.  And my dress is once again wearable.

Here's me, with the dress, my hair down (needs cutting/re highlighting, although this is still basically my natural color more than 5" from my scalp).  Time for sleep!

Very happy to be sewing fun stuff once again.... very, very happy.  :D

And happy to have a very comfortable and very pretty dress back in my wardrobe.  :)

Monday, September 16, 2013


 I've been super busy and haven't had time to sew for ages (well, I've been sewing a bit on the sash project, but not proper sewing, and it's driving me nuts).  So even though I have plenty of fabric in my stash, I went to Joanne's to blow off some steam.   I found this little beauty on the rack, and decided that since 1) I love my crazy yellow tiered skirt, even though it's an insane color, it's exceptionally comfortable and 2) I'm embracing my me-ness (which includes a love of botanical florals) so therefore I should pair the look of the yellow tiered skirt - you know, super feminine, super fluffy - with some *flowers*.   (You may not want to try this at home, lol).


Today I was over at BFF's house helping sort out her closet (it's a girl thing) and snagged a few things off her discard pile.  (It's a girl thing).  Here's a shrug (with the fabric) that got removed from her closet to mine.

Right on top, a bit much.  With an ivory tank top (or shirt) in between?  Perfection.  Over-the-top insane floral perfection.  I have some roses to twine in my braid... yep.  Wayyyy over the top?  Yes.  It's going to be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Random Accessory of the Day: Rose Bracelet

So that you all don't run off to blogs of people who actually blog on a regular basis, I'm going to stuff my queue with "random accessory" posts.  :)

You can change the mood of an outfit completely with the right accessory or accessories.  I'm always on the lookout for a little something interesting.  I don't generally spend much, that's part of the draw.  One of the best places to score good stuff is the county fair.  I hit a leather flower booth ... had to have this one.

Come on.  It's leather - so tots natural.  And it's a rose. HearthROSE, you know.  :)  I love roses!  Necklaces can be problematic on the bountiful of chest, but bracelets are always a win.   I have tiny wrists, of which I am somewhat vain.  :p  I have a huge bracelet collection!!

I'm not sure what to add to "Here's a rose bracelet, and I think it's cool".  So um.  There you go.  :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Corporate Prayer

Well, the "10 days of awe" worship meeting was basically the usual Thursday night prayer meeting, with a blurb about the 10 days of prayer thingie they've got going on.  So - on the level of "I want to participate in a bit more OT stuff" it was a bust, but in regards to the actual experience?  Massive blessing.

We separated off into groups, and I ended up praying with a couple of gentlemen about righteousness.  Found myself crying... it was *so* good.  Corporate prayer is something I can see myself doing more of.  The last prayer meeting I hit was rotten, they interrupted constantly.  Not so last night.  The hour we spent praying (after half an hour of worship) *flew* by. 

Sometimes it's easy to forget that every person in the body of Christ is our sibling.  And you get mixed in with other folks and you're praying and you're all one and... you know, it's like, "OH.  Siblings.  Yep."

Anyway, I hit the meeting completely frazzled and I unwound quite a lot.  Not completely - but a good deal.

I was blessed.  And I offer you the thought - if you get a chance to hit a prayer meeting, do it. 

Now I just have to figure out how to hit more prayer meetings!  Well, our church has plenty of them.  :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm not dead

I have a houseguest for the next couple of weeks, so I'm probably going to be quieter than usual.

Not that this is slowing down the pace-of-change in my life.  Hah! 

Random notes:
We got new couches.  I'm not sure how "Oh this is great, honey!  You'll put in the patio and we'll be able to entertain" became "Go get new..." and suddenly I'm redecorating half the house and DH is repainting half the house and.... yikes.  Just YIKES.  I'm on orders from DH so, it is what it is.  Pix when things are well sorted.  For now, new couches, living room is NOT in its final arrangement, except for the couches, lol. It's going to look amazing when it's done.  I have the go-ahead to make everything coordinated and fabulous.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Spending more time with the kids in homeschool.  We had a rough first two weeks, probably because I've been bloody busy.  They're going to get more attention, I haven't gotten them up to speed just yet.

Spending more time corresponding with a good friend as we exhort one another with our relative areas of expertise. 

I had a dream about how much I care about my writing... woke up and knew that the emotion was real and I need to put more energy there.  When I have time. 

Still working on the sashes, but my houseguest is keeping me company while I work on them, which means the procrastination train might just be leaving the station.  About time.   I need to get on with sewing, because I love it.  I love textiles, this is important to me.  As much as I need to work on other stuff (what *will* my husband send me out for this week?) I also need to create.  It's important.

Cleaning's going okay.  I stopped with the "clean everything, every day" because it was too much time cleaning.  I dropped back to "certain tasks every day, clean everything once a week" which works better for me. 

The change train is running hard and fast........ I don't even know where I *am* at this point, much less where I'm going.

But wherever it is, I've got some very comfy places to sit.  :)

PS Latin rocks.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elul/RH/High Fall Holy Days Update

To my great pleasure, my church (among 10 other churches in the area) is observing one of the ten days of awe with special services.  I'm so hitting that!  :)

Yeah, kick in the pants much?