Monday, September 23, 2013


We had three cats when we woke up Saturday morning.

Nadia.  She's our mama cat.  We adopted her as a adolescent cat (she was in milk from her missing kittens) from the local animal shelter.  She's about 10 years old now.  She's been a good huntress, recently retired because the white puffy thing gets a lot of attention, and she never shows up with offerings. 

Molly.  She is a pure-bred Persian ... we were given her as a gift when our cat Frankie passed away.  Our son belongs to her.   She's three and a half.  Basically she's soft and sweet and puffy and loves the boy.

Sterling.  Silver-point Siamese mix.  He's the most social cat I've ever met.  He loves *everyone* - and he'll tell you all about it.  Likewise, he's three-and-a-half.  He's "my" cat - he comes and talks to me while I hang out the laundry. 

Sterling had a sister, until about a year ago, when a coyote got hungry... her name was Gigi.  No.  She wasn't pregnant.  She ate quite a lot of gophers. 

All cats pick their person.  Gigi belonged to my husband.  (As you can see, she was quite a good huntress).  He was very sad when she died. 

 Our longest-term cat, Frankie, was born in our closet.  We adopted his pregnant mother from the dumpsters at our first apartment building.  She only had one, very, very large kitten.  He ended up a very, very large black cat.  Here you can see the glaucoma that eventually caused him to get put to sleep.  He made it to fifteen years old, a pretty good age for a gentleman cat.  He belonged to everyone, but he was the first cat-of-the-heart to my husband... he slept in the space between our pillows and purred my husband to sleep.

As of 330 PM, Saturday afternoon, we are the proud owners of a ten-month old black and smoke tabby Siamese kitten.  (This will make sense when I add a picture).  She's coming home on Monday, after her spaying operation is complete.  My husband has been watching petfinder forlornly hoping to find his furlove, and we decided to cut to the chase and run down the shelter today. 
She wasn't the cat we went to see... but she was there for us.  She purred and rubbed the glass with her face and kneaded the pillow and ... well, she practically came through the glass to us.  After being told that she wasn't very social, and wouldn't interact, she repeated the love to our entire family - with especial attention to my hubs.  We didn't know it, but the shelter is running a sale ... each cat over five months $5,with the second cat free.   Spayed, chipped, shots, wormed, flea'd... the works. 
Amazing.  God works in mysterious ways.
For now, her name is Princess... we're pretty sure that will change.  We're not much for assigning permanent names in a rush.  Her name will appear.  And hopefully you've enjoyed the cat-tale.  :)
Here's our new addition, snuggled up in my husband's arms.  :)

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