Friday, September 13, 2013

Corporate Prayer

Well, the "10 days of awe" worship meeting was basically the usual Thursday night prayer meeting, with a blurb about the 10 days of prayer thingie they've got going on.  So - on the level of "I want to participate in a bit more OT stuff" it was a bust, but in regards to the actual experience?  Massive blessing.

We separated off into groups, and I ended up praying with a couple of gentlemen about righteousness.  Found myself crying... it was *so* good.  Corporate prayer is something I can see myself doing more of.  The last prayer meeting I hit was rotten, they interrupted constantly.  Not so last night.  The hour we spent praying (after half an hour of worship) *flew* by. 

Sometimes it's easy to forget that every person in the body of Christ is our sibling.  And you get mixed in with other folks and you're praying and you're all one and... you know, it's like, "OH.  Siblings.  Yep."

Anyway, I hit the meeting completely frazzled and I unwound quite a lot.  Not completely - but a good deal.

I was blessed.  And I offer you the thought - if you get a chance to hit a prayer meeting, do it. 

Now I just have to figure out how to hit more prayer meetings!  Well, our church has plenty of them.  :)


  1. Prayer meetings...

    I remember those from my childhood.

    1. Pastor likes our church to be a praying church, we have a TON of prayer meetings.


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