Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mending Pile

A brilliant idea, this dress... except that the weight of the skirt (20 foot hemline) ripped the elastic right out of the waist.  It's been on my mending pile, and today I finished the last of the embroidery on my sashes... and hit the mending.  :)

I ripped out the broken elastic thread and added a ribbon belt - just made button holes intermittently on the waist and laced ribbon through.  I'm going to need to add more ribbon, I have some bunching, but basically, it's good.  And my dress is once again wearable.

Here's me, with the dress, my hair down (needs cutting/re highlighting, although this is still basically my natural color more than 5" from my scalp).  Time for sleep!

Very happy to be sewing fun stuff once again.... very, very happy.  :D

And happy to have a very comfortable and very pretty dress back in my wardrobe.  :)

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