Saturday, September 21, 2013

On my sewing table

Does anyone remember the shirt I was making for DH?  Probably not!

Well, having vanquished the dragon Procrastination... I've gotten to restart that project.  :)  Here's what got done today/tonight - I made *way* more progress than I thought I would.  -pleasedface-

(After a 36 hour hiatus while I fought with my adblocking software....)

Here's my very first patch pocket.  I bounced over to DH to show off my handiwork - he pointed out the 1/16th" that isn't quite matched up.  I blew a raspberry at him...

Here's the full shirt - well, so far.  :)  I'm sticking with basic, looks-like-RTW until I get at least one good shirt under my belt.  Then?  Then there is some *very* nice, somewhat interesting shirting fabric out there in the world.  DH has already approved my first interesting fabric choice.  :) 

Short-sleeved shirts don't take much yardage, I'm going to save bank.  :D  (This is good - his dress shirts run about $40.  Sure, that's not unreasonable, but - eh.  Plus I've only found one place that sells tall, slim dress shirts with short sleeves.  One.  So he looks like an ad for that company, and it's a bit boring.  Okay, he probably doesn't care.  I care.  So, nyah.)
In other sewing news, church FINALLY found a decent mannequin and we put up hems yesterday, so I have that project to work on.  :)  Here's Manny, in his first two layers of priestly goodness.
It's been a good week.  :D

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