Sunday, September 22, 2013

One down...

Steps to making an embroidered, fringed sash.

1) cut your sashes out.

2) fringe them (pull the fringe)

3) embroider them

4) hem them

5) add decorative fringe

One sash, completely completed - second sash is half-way through step five, and the third is waiting in line for its last step.

I have linen underthings to hem... and I can TURN THESE THINGS IN.  Finally.  FINALLY.

Yes, I still have to make hats.  Apparently first I have to source a wig.  But getting the rest of the stuff out of my hands is a big deal.  A really big deal. 

Other than procrastination over step 3 (very boring) the rest hasn't been me, we only got Manny the Mannequin in last week, and I set his hems on Friday.

So, this is what the sashes look like........ :)

Exodus 39:29 And a girdle of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, of needlework; as the LORD commanded Moses.

They're not supposed to be exact - it's a museum.  But we're doing the best that we can.  This is my best.  I wish I had loom... but this is what I have. 

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