Friday, September 27, 2013

Status Quo

Just ... busy.

I'm on the home stretch for the garments.  It seems like everytime I find the home stretch, they move the finish line, but ... I'm getting these things *out of my house* soon, and that makes me extremely happy.  You may remember Manny the Mannequin showed up a week ago and I set hems - well, now I'm on the home stretch of sewing those hems (by hand, natch).  I finished all the sashes.  Finally.  So... finish hems.  Press everything within an inch of its life.  Take 'em in, put one set on Manny and give the other two sets to my mentor and finis!

I have to find a wig for him and make hats.  Yes.  :p  Never-ending finish line.  (I can't measure for the hats without hair, so therefore I cannot MAKE the hats without the wig).

I really want this off my conscience so I can do my own sewing.


Kitty is settling in well.  She's very happy in our bedroom.  We're trying to figure out her past a bit, as one does when one gets an animal from the pound.  We think she must have been dumped or gotten lost.  She doesn't care for the street noise, is extremely friendly, her claws are a *wreck*, and while our animals are friendly (surprisingly, in Nadia's case) she's not.  She seems a bit afraid of them.  :/  And she's the first cat I've ever kept in the bedroom who wasn't charging the door as soon as it opened.  Nope.  Not her.  She's content to curl up in the corner of our closet.  We've had to get her used to eating without being reminded.  Although clearly she IS eating, we're putting that badly needed weight on her.  A start, a start.  Was she a mom at some point?  I'll be asking the vet. 


My son is on his first non-family trip ... he'll be home tonight.  Getting him ready and out the door took up some of my week.  I'm pretty envious, it sounds amazing.  He's got a busy weekend coming up... sleepover and a play (book of Ruth) on Sunday.  And we were supposed to go to a field trip on Monday.  ... I didn't get us signed up, but that doesn't prevent us from going somewhere ELSE on Monday.  (


So, that's what's up.  :)

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