Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happiness is...

... taking a walk.

It's not a big deal to most of you, I know.  But it's a big deal to me.

Nearly six years ago, I broke my foot in half.  Two bones broken, a bit chipped off, three bones dislocated, all at the joint in my arch.  Surgery.  2" long pins (three of them).  PT.  More surgery (pins out, thank goodness, they feel weird).  More PT.

If you've ever wondered what the gnarly scars on my foot in the pictures are - that's where I got 'em.

I was told that ... I was nearly certain to get crippling arthritis in my arch, sooner or later.  I was told that I'd never wear heels again.  That I needed to wear super-supportive shoes forever.  That some stuff was just not going to be fun, and to deal with that.  To push in PT, but not push IRL. I was told that when the crippling arthritis showed up, I could expect to have surgery to permanently freeze the joint in my arch, which means that I expect(ed) to finish the last couple decades of my life using a cane. When I said that I liked to hike, the doctors shrugged at me.  Oh well. My break was bad enough that I was told to be *thrilled* with not having to use a cane now.  I've had several doctors ask me, in awe, who put my foot back together again.  It was that bad.

So I've sucked it up.  I've worn the shoes a size - or two - too big for my feet, to accommodate the bump my bone grew over the injury and the extra width.  No heels after the permanent swelling in my foot pooled blood up by the toes and broke capillaries... which remain broken, years later.  And when I wanted to take long walks and I did, and I spent the day after with my foot propped up.... I sucked it up and got on with life.

And then a couple of weeks ago, I walked farther than normal... and realized that my foot didn't hurt in the bad way.  Sure, it hurts more than the other foot, but it'd changed.  And then if you saw the post about the heels, you saw that I bought some heels last week!  And they hurt but not shockingly.  (I'm not taking up wearing heels regularly, no worries.  Stupid I'm not).

But today.  Oh today!  Today I walked up the big hill on the block next to mine, a good 25 minutes (and it's a BIG hill, designed to get those calves and thighs in top shape) ... and my foot doesn't hurt!  It doesn't hurt at all!  NOT AT ALL!  (Well, no more than it does at this hour every day, but that's the swelling so whatever).

Please celebrate with me, this is a huge deal.  This means I can take walks again.  Real walks.  I'm going to work up to it.  But WALKS.  Oh... this means so much to me.  And I wanted to share my joy.


  1. That's so exciting!! Doing the snoopy dance for you.

    1. Thanks, Velvet! :) It is exciting. Opens up new worlds... which needed opening.

  2. Oh, happiness and joy! What a gift to you from our loving Lord. I'm so thrilled for you.


  3. Oh, Hearth. That is very, very good news, sister. Exciting stuff!


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