Friday, October 4, 2013

I hate polyester

We were running early for the movies the other day, so I took my kids to [a store that will remain nameless] at which I often buy clothes for myself.  My daughter is a bit past being able to wear child's sizes, so we headed to the teen section.  Blech.  Then over to the adult woman section, in the basics department.  Also, blech.  (Although that section was much better than the rest of the store).

What happened to cotton?  Linen?  I won't ask about wool... it's too warm to wear it here anyway.  But what gives - everything I touched made me make the wetcatface.  (My friends enjoy inducing this face while we shop together).  Scratchy, ultra-fake, poor quality... what on earth are they thinking?

Well.  I'm thinking, "I think I should be sewing". 

Struggling right now to insert the sleeves on DH's shirt so that they're perfect.  The slight poofiness that's perfectly okay on my shirts? Not okay on his.  Men's shirts have to be perfect.  :p They use boring fabrics and little ornamentation, but the cut and fit and construction have to be fabulous.  Definitely a skill-raising experience.

I do like those, but I also like just chilling out and enjoying the make.  I'm really far behind in my familial sewing, all I've been doing lately is going through my closet and getting rid of stuff.  "I don't wear this, I don't wear that, I don't like that, this doesn't fit..." And my daughter does the things to clothing that all children do (as well as grow out of it - 3/4" this month) so there's not much rummaging around *her* closet ... but I have a ton of fabric in the patio.

Time to conquer these sleeves and get some clothing turned out!!!

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  1. I hear you on the polyester. It is not much better today than the polyester knit fabrics that took over the fabric stores as well as ready made clothes. I loved what my friend called it..."double knitwit".


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