Friday, October 25, 2013

Shoes and Social Stress

I had a really unexpected present yesterday. 

I broke my foot *very* badly about 5 years ago, and I'd been told that my days of wearing high heels were over.  My days of wearing anything but extremely sensible shoes were over.

It sucks, but there you are.  I am the queen of cute sensible shoes that work with dresses.  You need help, ask.  I'm your gal.

But still.  When you wear a knee-length skirt, sensible shoes look odd.  Maybe ballerina flats don't look too odd, but I can't wear ballerina flats, they hit my foot in the wrong spot.  (Always have, even before the break). 

Took the kids shoe shopping yday and decided, "what the heck, my foot's been feeling a lot better lately, why not give it a try..." and meep!  They didn't hurt.  Well.  Of course they hurt.  1) They were inexpensive shoes 2) I haven't worn a heel in five years 3) I'm used to really sensible shoes with a big toe-box 4) Yeah, my foot still doesn't appreciate heels

BUT.  It wasn't the white-hot "get me out of this now" pain.  Just - a not comfy shoe.  I can *deal* with a not terrifically comfy shoe, I'm female.  We all have the shoes you wear to walk into a building and then sit down. 

So I bought two pair of heels yday.  Not expensive, they're meant to walk in and sit down.  And I know, your sitting shoes are 2-3" higher than mine.  Whatev.  They're heels!  :)  Oh, and they're my proper shoe size, not the size or so larger I've been wearing to accommodate my extra-high arch and foot swelling.  (Another win). 

That should have made me awesomely happy...

But we're doing something crazy this weekend and I'm stressed.  :p  It's a good thing and I'm totally looking forward to it, but I'm stressed over it.  Social stress.  We're inviting a couple over for dinner that we only know from a couple of meetings.  We really thought they were awesome and so we invited them for dinner, but I swear it feels like dating again, stress-wise.  :P  I don't know why "invite a nice couple for dinner" feels so stressful, but it does.  Don't care, it's going to be awesome!   Once I get there and on the other side.  LOL.  I'm such a dork.


  1. So cute Hearth! And your legs look great in those shoes, girl. Just be careful alright?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I will beware of babygates, horseriding, and gopherholes. Also landing on carrier decks. (The latter three being the way NORMAL people break their feet spectacularly, and the babygate being what I broke my foot on).

  2. Ohh, they're cute! You have nice calves.

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  4. Those are so cute! I'm really glad you found a pair that you can wear every now and again for something special. We all need those kinds of shoes.


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