Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blog Party: Thankful for our Hubbies: Day Five

It's day five of being thankful for our hubbies... and it's Thanksgiving Day here in the States.  :)

In other words, it's a good day.

I *could* gush about my husband some more.  After the past four days, you've kind of gotten the point that I think the world of him, right?  But I want to hit something that's been hitting me.

I am thankful that my husband has my back.  And that I have his back.  And that we're going in one direction.

That's really the point of being married.  You have one another's backs.  You're one flesh, you go one direction.  One person fills in the holes that the other person has.  Now, my hubby and I are extremely traditional in our gender roles.  He won't even LET me do some of the "boy stuff" that I learned to do as an only daughter.  And that's totally fine... you know he does it 10x faster and more efficiently than I could.  Why duplicate effort? 

But if you deify who does what... you're getting the point backwards.  We do this because this works for us.  And we're trying to accomplish the same goals. 

People who know us peripherally are forever telling us that we have nothing in common, they don't know how we stay married.  -eyeroll-  Maybe because we have the same goals, the same values?  Maybe because our parents and grandparents were married 'til death did them part and that's what we regard as normal?  (Speaking of things to be thankful for....)

I love my husband a hairs-breadth short of idolatry. 

And I'm thankful for him, every single day. 

To all my readers - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. I love my husband a hairs-breadth short of idolatry.

    LOL. Yeah, I know what you mean.


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