Friday, November 15, 2013

CaliGirl Hair

It was time to get the highlights re-lit.  Okay, I was massively overdue 'cause the beginning of the school year was super busy and it takes for-ev-er to highlight hair my length. 

My stylist got happy and sat me down for a full head of foils today.  LOVE IT.

Before (yeah, massively overdue for the cut too):
After.  With a blow-out.  I could do without the blow-out, but they won't let you leave the salon with wet hair.  :p
Front.  One of my online friends told me I looked really scary.  I find this moderately amusing/pleasing.  You always have to watch the quiet ones!

Probably the best pic of the various colors.  I know it came out lighter than my stylist was expecting - I got her talking!  I have bits that are nearly platinum blonde.  But it looks very CaliGirl cool.  If it doesn't wash and settle in with my natural self, I can always get a tone-over dye.  But ... I like it.  LOL.  It looks like "me", you know?


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