Saturday, November 9, 2013

Color Psychology in Practice

I've been musing over that David Zyla book I reviewed a few months back ( and how it might be most felicitously applied to everyday life.   See, I bought a new bedcover this summer, and very shortly thereafter, I realized that I hated it.  I hated it to the point that it made me uncomfortable and vaguely angry whenever I went into my bedroom. 

Well.  *That's* not good!  I changed a couple of the other colors in the bedroom - used different sheets, changed the curtains... still hated it, but I wasn't on edge any longer.  Then my new kitten was diagnosed with giardia and sentenced to quarantine for nearly a month.  We quarantined her in our bedroom, since that's where she'd started out her stay in our house - we have an attached bath with a eensy showerstall that is perfect for a cat zone.  And the very bored, 9 - 10 mo kitten took care of the bedcover that I hated so much.  (Thank you kitty!)

Today, kitty finished her meds, and I changed the bedding to our winter feather comforter with cobalt blue duvet.   (Kitty can now be summarily dumped in the hallway for midnight transgressions against bedding).  Ahhhhhh.... peace at last.  But what happens when I change back to summer-weight blankets?   I started shopping around.  Having been burnt by the burgundy/gold coverlet of anger, I started thinking, "Well, what colors are supposed to be tranquil for me?  How about hubby?"  (You have to think about your spouse too!)

According to Zyla, my tranquil color is supposed to be the lightest color within my iris.  That'd be a light aqua.  What's DH's?  A light aqua - or perhaps a baby blue (depending on his mood - you know irises).   Blue is a soothing color for most people... a relaxing color. (Blue)  Mixed blues, with aqua predominating... that would be awesome for a coverlet. 

And then I started aching to sew a quilt.  Well.  Not to sew one, but to craft one.  Because I adore making beautiful things and getting exactly what I want is a pain... and also I can't bear to throw away fabric scrap, so I have drawers full of the stuff.  :p

And this.... this is how pinboards are born. Will I make a quilt by June, when the grey cloudy days of Spring give way to the heat of summer?  Stay tuned...........................

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