Saturday, November 2, 2013


Direction?  Taken.  :)

DH thinks I look cute, but where is his beer?  -lol-

Details:  Heavy weight denim, about the same as you'd find in a pair of Levi's 501s.  (I bought it for a six-gore skirt, which I cut and then had enough left over for this vest). 

Pattern:  Folkwear Drindl pattern

Changes:  I didn't use the facings, since I was using a heavy-weight denim and anyway I don't like facings.  They'd have made major marks after getting worn in a bit (this denim will fade/soften with wear, it's all-cotton).  I used bias tape as facings instead, and sewed it down within an inch of its life.

Additions:  I embroidered topstitching on the hem, neckline and armholes (although the armholes are only in blue, so you won't be able to see those until the denim starts to fade).

Comments:  This was fairly easy to fit (thank you, Craftsy class) and sewed right up.  I ignored the directions.  I will almost certainly make more, my husband really likes me in this kind of thing.  Next time I'll make the underbust version of the dirndl, which was what I think he was hoping for, but boning and more advanced fitting... well, a girl has to start somewhere!


  1. You can't see it, but i'm positively DROOLING over the blouse. Did you make that also?

    1. Yes I did. :)

      Thank you!


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