Saturday, November 23, 2013

Morbling: Long Dark Denim Skirt

I cut this denim out quite some time ago, and this is my tried & true A-line skirt pattern... what took so long? 

Eh.  I was just being lazy.  I sewed a bit, stopped a bit, sewed a bit. 

Note:  Sewing through this heavy a denim (the heaviest fabric I have used to date) is gnarly.  I broke THREE needles today - one flew towards my eye, making me grateful for eyelids and the "close eyes at sudden noises" reaction.   The drag made the topstitching weird, and it's also laying a bit oddly right now.

But - it's denim.  It'll settle.  This is the heavy blue denim you see in men's 501s.  It's meant to soften over time, not start out soft.  I wear my other denim skirts constantly, particularly the lighter blue denim that I made a year or so back.  Same pattern. 

Differences:  Because I used a darker denim, I chose to topstitch in ivory.  It matches the topstitching on the dirndl I made.  (Same fabric).  I might try wearing this as one of the dreaded "double denim" outfits.  Or not.  ;)  I used the same shamrocks for the hem topstitching. 

I put in a waist stay - there is no way I'm going to try to have a skirt this long and heavy (it is quite heavy!) that doesn't have a stay.  It would just slither down my nonexistent hips and find an uncomfortable spot to squish.  (This has happened, can you tell?)

Knowing how much use I've gotten from my other denim skirts, I expect to get a tremendous amount of use out of this one.  These are my "jeans", and they get that much wear.

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