Sunday, November 10, 2013

Old School + New School = Awesome

Yesterday I was thinking about how old-school my choices are, and I was wallowing in the fabulousness of clotheslines, feather comforters, fireplaces and dirndls.

I'm glad that I have a dryer, because when I throw my dog bed through the dryer, it kills all the flea eggs.   This is a good thing.
I'm glad that I live now, because when I want to wear a dirndl and a skirt to my toes, no one cares.  Back in the day, fashion was more conformist.
My dishwasher - I <3 my dishwasher.  And my clothes washer too.


We should be more conscious of our choices.   If something in life isn't working, look at it - hey, even when things work, if you have time, take a look at them.   Humans invent things endlessly, that's kind of what we do.  You're a human, you can do it too! 

But don't just look forward for your choices.  Maybe what worked for 1000 years still works.  Maybe whatever it is is best suited for a certain climate or set of conditions... so if you try it and it sucks, then go on to the next thing.  Like, I am forever blinking at people doing handstands to keep the sun off their skin here in the Southwest.  Um.  There's a climate like that in the Middle East (SoCal is quite Israeli, from what I hear).  So... why not check out what they wear?  Oh, long.  Loose.  Light colored.  Want to try that?  Yeah, pretty comfy.  Maybe we should do *that*. 

People might have already solved the problem you're looking at... why not check out what's come before?  It takes less time than coming up with something out of the blue, and you're likely to know the consequences (environmental, time and upkeep, cost, etc) of whatever it is. 

For instance, I'm planning to learn how to make corsets in the new year, as my sewing skill of the year.  (Learn or Die).   But as I'm looking at corsets, I see that the super-waist-nipping corsets weren't always the thing, those are fairly recent.  What *was* the prevailing thing was a ribcage-covering corset.  So, maybe after I learn to make a corset-corset, I'll reinvent and rework stays?  Because I don't always want something carving into my waist, but bras are very poorly engineered for allday, everyday wear, at least for those of us who are busty.  (Divots in your body, not a good sign).   But my dirndl?  Soooo comfy.  That tight ribcage thing takes the weight off my shoulders and distributes it across my back - giving me better posture while it's at it.  Better. 

I focus on clothing because I like clothing.  But maybe you're into something else.  Think it through.  Look back, look forward, think of new ways of doing things. 

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  1. Hearthie, I can't believe you're posting about corsets. I was just a Civil War re-enactment over the weekend and I bought a corset - the real deal. Tried it on - and my back felt amazing - no hunching, no slouching, just straight up back support. Met the lady who makes them (she was there selling them) - she fitted me - I did not want to take it off! Oh - and yes it also gives you a great shape - but it changes your shape (things are a little rearranged and positioned a little higher if you get my drift). She cautioned that a chemise of some sort should be worn under and that I could choose to either wear or not wear a bra. Also - it's MACHINE WASHABLE in a lingerie bag - hang dry. It ties up and down in the back and fastens in the front. I've never felt so good in my life (OK I the last 25 years or so). I can't wait to hear how yours comes out!

    1. Maeve: Yes! My dirndl doesn't feel that good, but it does feel much better than a bra alone. (I made it of denim and stitched it within an inch of its life, so it's pretty supportive). I have a few corsets, but my proportions are opposite those in the ready-to-wear corsets you can get online, so they're not perfect. Even so - even so. I like the silhouette, it's very youthful. (And goodbye back pudge).

      I won't start working until the new year - I am interning at church so for the next couple of months at least I'll be at church very nearly constantly. Then holidays. Then... hopefully I can have some fun. Last winter I made a tailored jacket... seems to be my thing, doing crazy sewing projects in the cold patio. :D

      SO glad you found a corset that feels good! We have to take this back!!

    2. If more women would just try one on! My daughters are begging me to get them each one for Christmas (they're quite expensive, but well worth it IMO) - of course they want theirs for re-enacting and I just want to wear mine because it feels so darn good.


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