Saturday, November 30, 2013

Old School

I've had a couple of ladies goggle at me when I transport my goodies around via dishtowel, so here's an instruction.

First you must start with the good dishtowels.  The ones your grandmother embroidered.  This is vital.  (Okay.  You can use any dishtowel so long as it's thin and bigger than your dish.  Terry-cloth toweling need not apply).

You may *line* the dishtowel with terrycloth if the dish is particularly hot. 
And then you simply tie the ends together diagonally over the top of the dish.  Tie them in good square knots, not slipknots.  (Important!)
Whee!  You have your very own handled dish-carrier!  :)  Yes, I really use the knotted bits to carry the dish, although of course I test it first. 
Item two:  My back has been killing me  - I have short legs, am short generally, and tend to flop myself into my computer chair, which ends up with truly abominable posture.  My daughter has been angling for a rolling chair - so I snagged the dressing-room stool we'd had from MIL out of a corner, and gave DD my rolling chair.  I'll report back - it's a couple inches too long, but so far... it's better. 
 In related news, I'm starting a blog up for my corseting adventures... because of the subject nature, it will be a bit more "blue" than I keep things here at TBL.   I'll have a link on the sidebar here later.  Wore a ready-made corset yday and it helped the back a good bit.   You ever get the feeling that we moderns think we're so smart but we might be missing a few things?  :p 

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