Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful for my hubby: Blog Party Day 2

Blog Party here:

The second thing that my husband does for me is encourage me in my self-improvement projects.

You're thinking, "aww... that's so very fluffy".  But "support" in this case means that he approves the project, gives me a budget, and reminds me that it's okay to work on whateveritis instead of polishing the cat. 

Then he pokes me to make sure I keep going.  And teases me about the things I am *still* not very good at (maintenance), which makes me a bit better at them.  (a bit).

He laughs at me and doesn't take me too seriously.  He *doesn't* think I'm all that and an apple pie.  He critiques my work all the time... and I end up going back and grumblingly redoing it, because I know that he's right. 

He pushes me to be better by giving me intelligent feedback, and he's not afraid of my sadface when his feedback isn't positive - he knows that's part of honest feedback. 

He makes me better.  And I'm thankful.  :)

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