Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for my hubby: A blog-party

Velvet is hosting a blog-party, inviting us to post five days of things we are thankful for in regards to our beloved husbands.   Linkie Joy Here:

Start at the very beginning... the very best place to start....

The very first thing that my husband did for me, literally the first words he spoke directly to me were to compliment my appearance.  I've never had a good self-image (to put it mildly) and he's always made me feel pretty - in a very real, very practical, very earthy way. 

He took this girl:

Gotta love the 80s... there were two choices for glasses for girls.  Bad, and worse.  I'm about 12/13 here.

And turned her into this girl:
15, not quite 16 here.  Why I forgot to take my retainer off for the picture... :p  But you get the idea.

Take a look at the posture in the first picture, if nothing else.  Slumped and apologetic.  And yeah, that second picture might be a tad too much cleavage for school, but DH enjoyed it...

So.  Day 1:  I am grateful that my husband makes me feel beautiful.  Being told that I'm beautiful makes me want to work harder at being beautiful, so that I can keep making him smile. 


  1. Beautiful girl, more beautiful woman. That first photo reminds me SO MUCH of my eldest. Ugh, 13? I die.

    I think there's something to the saying "get 'em young and raise 'em right". Not in a condescending, scolding, or perverted way, but if you aren't the photographic proof of the outcome of that philosophy I don't know who is. You are beautiful, objectively, btw. Freakin' blue eyes, jellis, and where else in nature is that hair color found, again, other than atop your own fair head? You remind me of a very young Tess Harper. So earnest!

  2. -blushes madly- TB!!!! -blushing more!-

    I didn't have any pix of me at 11... ;)

  3. Wow, look at those blueberry-blue eyes! Stunning!

    Isn't it great when they tell you how beautiful - or even better hot - you look? Husbands rock!


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