Sunday, November 17, 2013


An idea.... what if we brought back trousseaux for our kids? 

Hope chests!  :)  I think both boys and girls (or both young men and ladies) could benefit by a hope chest slowly being filled throughout their teenage years.  They could add to it, their parents could add to it, and when the young lady married or the young gentleman went out on his own, they could take it along. 

I have a 13yo boy, so I think about what would be awesome to put in a hope chest for him... first, I probably wouldn't get a cedar chest, I'd see what I could do to find a trunk.  Trunks have a much higher coolness factor for guys.  Then - maybe put in a nice tool every year?  Like a cordless drill, and a really great hammer or... yeah, I have no clue about tools.   A set of kitchen things (cast iron frying pan, a good chef's knife, a dutch oven).  I don't know that the boy would want linens.  A throw might be nice, if it was utterly masculine.  Dunno. ?

I do have a daughter... and I'd love to make her a traditional hope chest.  Cedar, 'cause I *would* stuff it with linens and nighties and things.  (Yes, a trousseaux was originally all the clothes the bride would need for her first year of marriage - after that it was the husband's problem to provide them - and no, I wouldn't do that because of the way we run things these days).  A couple of pretty chemises.  The same set of kitchen equipment that the boy would get. 

I think it would be awesome if I could make a quilt for both of the kids prior to their wedding day.  Of course I haven't yet finished my own wedding quilt (18 years later) so - ahem - this may be my brain outrunning my fingers yet again.  But it would still be awesome.  ;)

At any rate - the hope chest and the trousseaux are NOT out of date - not if we don't want them to be - and they help keep our kids' eyes on the marital prize

What do you think?  Cool or crazy?


  1. Very cool, Hearth. I like the idea.

    1. Should I mail you an embroidery catalog? /grin You'd not have idle hands for years with five girls! Actually, your older girls could be working on theirs right now.

  2. It is a cool idea and I've been doing a version of it for my girls - mostly kitchen things. But as I've been going through the house cleaning out closets and cabinets (and finally going through some of my parents' things), I've asked the girls to pick out things they would like. I don't have any fancy chests, just some storage bins, but they're working pretty well for now. Actually, they get excited to add something to their bins - but maybe I'll look at getting them real chests for Christmas.

    1. I wouldn't think you'd need the actual chests until it was close to time to give them away, at least unless you have the storage space. (I don't!) If you keep your eyes open, you can find old cedar chests at estate sales and whatnot - they get snapped up, being highly desirable, but fyi :).

      You're ahead of me!

    2. LOL - I really don't have the space either (and the girls don't have the space in their rooms), so I guess I'll be sticking with bins for a while. It's fun putting things in them though - right now I'm going through table linens and it's funny how excited they are about them.

  3. I think it's a great idea! I knew a couple of girls who had hope chests, but I think they collected household items, because I remember they both had lingerie showers before their weddings. Before our wedding, my husband had a tool party where the guys at church got together for pizza and sharing of marriage advice, and they each brought him a tool as a gift. This was in lieu of a bachelor party. We ended up with a lot of gear after that!



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