Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just Stuff

Where have I been?   Busy.  And injured.  :p

I see I last posted Sunday the 1st... frankly, I'd been pre-posting.  So - what have I been up to?  Not sewing, although I did cut pajamas for my son - hopefully I can sew those up this Friday.

Lots of followarounds for church.  I hooked up the deacons and the ushers.  Normal errands and whatnot.  Got a cord of wood in on Friday.

I splashed boiling oil over the back of my hand on Thursday.  Prayer answered - it didn't hurt like a burn does, not ever.  It ached from the swelling that night... and that's pretty much it.  Now that the blisters (second degree burn) have broken, the skin underneath isn't terrifically happy, but it *still* doesn't hurt the way burns hurt.  (I burn my fingers on my iron pretty regularly, first degree only, and they hurt lots more than this has, although they're not as much of a pain in the butt). 

I've been freaked out by the whole thing even though God's gotten the pain away.  It's embarrassing, quite frankly.  I am *so* afraid of pain.  And even without pain, looking at my hand and getting grossed out... yikes.  This sort of thing shows you what's really inside.  So much fear and anxiety in my heart - as I said, it's embarrassing.  (Thanks for the tea and sympathy, friends I've shared this with - I might not have hurt, but I've been super stressed!)

God has been at my back, directing me, taking care of all the "stuff" and showing me what to do and getting things organized - and what do I repay Him with?  Fear.  -sighs-

Well.  I know it's here, I guess I just have to fight it with more faith!!!

Random:  Why does Chrome have a harder time with composition in BlogSpot than does IE?  Aren't Chrome and BS both owned by Google?  -makes my head hurt-

Not much else up... enjoying a nice fire and a pleasant evening at home.  Went to the mall with my mom today, not much lovely around except some cashmere sweaters.... ;)


  1. I'm glad it doesn't hurt too much. **hugs**

    1. The skin is coming off and it's not happy about that, but I'm not screaming or anything. :p ((hugs back))


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