Friday, December 27, 2013


I took some lame lace gloves that I picked up at the mall and made them into fingerless, lined gloves.  (I have to line the lace - sort of misses the point of keeping my hand from the sun).

I'm not wild about them, but hey - finished object.  And I'll wear them until I can get materials to try my hand at a from-scratch version.

 Before:  Yeah.  Shouldn't have bought them.  Hate having to look at things that people have to get out from cases for you... :p  And I was discouraged - this was the ONLY pair of not-fuzzy-warm gloves the mall had to offer the other night.

Before and after.

After:   Eh.  The pink was too light and the whole effect is way too foofy for my taste.  However.  They'll do to drive 'round, at least until I can get some others made/bought.  It's been in the mid-70s here.  I do NOT want to run around in my fuzzy gloves - or in my leather driving gloves.  Not.  And I learned that fingerless gloves aren't the most complicated things in the world.

Construction notes:  I took the lace gloves, cut the fingers off, cut the thumb off, cut the lace ruffle off, and lined the back with a square of scrap satin from stash.  Translucent ribbon on top for finishing and 'round the wrist to fasten.  Also from stash (and from the dollar store).  Basically out the $12 I spent on the lace gloves, which was too much.  :P  But oh well.  I did all the sewing by hand, it being too small/fussy a job to put through the sewing machine.

I think I'm going to get some plain tshirt knit and ornament it up a bit.  These are rectangles with a thumb hole, I think I can handle that.  ;)

Oh, and I'm going to try to be "fashionable" and make them a bit longer, since fingerless gloves are being worn mid-forearm at the moment.  


  1. Sorry about your burned hand. Hope all heals well and leaves no scars. After leaving Xanga, I've been blogging on wordpress. Missing a lot of people from Xanga. In the spirit of the almost new year, I was "cleaning" my computer files, and voila...found your site which I will not be deleting. :) I'm still using A Different Route for my blog on wordpress.


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