Saturday, December 21, 2013

My husband is a sweetie

Props to the husband-man. 

My hand is starting to make scar tissue in a couple of spots and I'm sad about that.  (I guess I shouldn't admit to being vain, but whatever.  Truth is truth).  DH noticed that I was sad and asked me what was up.  Normally I wouldn't tell him - but I've been working hard on being more forthcoming (and *truthful*, even when I think I'm being silly) so I told him that I was sad about my hand. 

Later, when I got home from the Massive Mall Hunt our church runs every year... where I spent my time as hunted hunting down gloves... I came home with these babies and he told me that A) they were quite fetching and B) he's always liked fingerless gloves.

And that helped.

And he's awesome.  So... there.  :)  It has been reported to me that hearing positive reports about husbandly behavior is a good thing, so there you go.  A positive report. 

Also - aren't these cute?  I know I said "not fuzzy" but ... "not fuzzy" at Christmastime apparently isn't a glove option.  And I do need something to walk the dog in. 

Oh yes, I'll walk the dog in these.  Of course!  :D


  1. I love the two colors together, very pretty!

  2. I was looking at the Cozy post on Delightful Oak about re-purposing sweater sleeves into socks. It got me to wondering if you thought you could re-purpose the sweater body into a short skirt to go with opaque tights? It could have a side of rear seam I imagine.

    1. Yes, certainly. Assuming your waist/hip/belly/thigh area was happy about having a knit (probably a bulky knit) around it, it would be a fairly easy thing to do. Might need to buy a coordinating band to go 'round the waist once you cut out the neckline.


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