Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Being a perpetually enthusiastic, gotta try new things kind of gal, I enjoy new beginnings.  So, even though I don't "resolve" to make certain changes in my life, the new year gives me an opportunity to make a reset.  The beginning of the school year in September, with all of its intensities and new routines, flows right into the holiday run-up.  For me this included a month of nearly solid internship commitments and then the entire family has collapsed into a heap of matrix-attached goo for the past two and a half weeks.  It's a recipe for reflection, and as I start to think about getting geared up to start another push, of *course* I look at what's worked and what hasn't.

What's worked:  2013 was my first year in my forties, and I've embraced full adulthood.  I like the person I am, and I'm not inclined to change her.  What I am inclined to do is be who I am, a lot less apologetically.  I'm accountable to God and I'm accountable to my beloved husband.  That's it.  Trying to fit myself into a mold for someone else, no matter how much I admire that someone else?  Forget it.  I have a job to do - it's not anyone else's job.  I *like* being busy and doing things.   So you're likely to get more of my enthusiasm poured out.  Hope you like it - if not, you might want to run.  ;)

What didn't work so well:  2013 was the year of the crash diet.  -sighs-  Did they work?  No, at least not for more than a few months.  2014 is a year where I take better care of my physical self, and work towards my strengths.  I need to get my kiddos out and about too - so we will be pursuing long walks and upper body strength.  My foot has gotten so much better (thank you Lord!) that this seems possible.  You want to really appreciate something?  Have it taken away from you.  I haven't been able to indulge in proper walks in years, it's time to do so.

Slight changes in course:  I've been quite cerebral in the past few years.  This is a year for me to DO more.  More sewing.  More writing.  More *praying*.  More serving.  I feel the press of time - I want to make good use of every golden hour, for I don't know when that Trump will sound.  The more I do, the more I pour myself out, the more joy I have.  It's just how it goes, you know?  That means I'll be looking for ways to work smarter rather than harder on the home front - it's not like I ever really get that sorted to my satisfaction.  I'd like to spend more time in the garden and outdoors generally.  It makes for a happy Hearthie.  Carpe diem!!!!!!

Little Things:  I'm teaching myself to make corsets this year (see the All Laced Up blog link on the left hand side of this page).  I'm stuck wearing gloves this year - and will thus be cranking a few out, because I can never find what I want.  (But this is news?)  I have a TON of sewing projects that have been hanging fire... I could make a list but then I might have to go hide under the bed for a while.  It's not just the corseting that will be keeping me busy, I assure you.  Let's see.  I should be finishing my internship in the next month or so... need to figure out where to serve the church.  There are kiddo adjustments to be done. Sewing for the Tabernacle project at the church.  More tea parties.  More time with friends.  More hospitality.  More dusting.  :p

So... as always, I have so much stuff I'd like to do that it will take at least five of me to get all of it done.  I'm not going to apologize for that or try to adjust it down to "reality".  I'm just going to go for it, and enjoy whatever progress I make.  Please come along with me and enjoy the show - it's more fun to be a bouncy rabbit when you have some company!


  1. I like your new blog, it is inspiring me to get out some of my shapewear. It is so uncomfortable though, but I guess that's the point. This is the year for us to keep the sugar and the dough out of the kitchen. If I can do that, I think the diet will fall into place. Pray for me, it's tough.

    Dear Lord, help Hearthie with her goals, help her to seek You first and guide her to peace and order in her life. Fill her year with joy. Amen

    1. I will pray for you, certainly!

      Although, I'll say that the point of corsets is that they're more comfortable than bras.


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