Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personal Style Solutions

Random: Does it ever feel like you can dress everyone except yourself?  All the unpaid fashionistas I know are like me, can't dress themselves but ... other people?  Easy.

Went to the mall with my mom today.  She's been retired for about 3 years now, and she's recently lost a ton of weight.  (Glad to see one of us truly succeeded with paleo!)  She looks amazing - especially for 72.  If she didn't have a dowager's hump (drink your milk and stand up straight, children!) she'd easily pass for five years younger. 

So - her old clothes don't fit, and while she likes to look put-together (no track pants out of the house for my mom) she doesn't need corporate clothes.  She just wants to look good.

Mom (who doesn't care to have her image on the 'net, more's the pity) was once asked to model sportswear in NYC.  I mean someone walked up to her and offered her a modeling job - but she had to emaciate herself and she wasn't into that, so she said no.   She's *that* good-looking.  (With a habit of nearly never wearing makeup and a five minute beauty routine).

Is it a huge jump to think that my mom looks AMAZING in sportswear?  I kept trying to convince her to wear interesting textures, buy some good jeans... she's still wearing the styles she wore as the senior person in the office, with 40 extra pounds that she's no longer carrying.  She said she was worried about dressing too young... she makes me laugh.  She wouldn't dress "too young" on a bet...

So.  All that to say, I feel like everyone has a mood or two of clothing that suits them to a T.  Finding it and embracing it is where the awesome hangs out.  You can't be "too pretty".  You can be too immodest, too sexy, you can dress too youthfully - but you can't be too pretty.

Now to get Mom to buy some jeans that fit...........................

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