Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Wild World of Gloves

I'm not a big glove girl.  It rarely gets cold enough here to warrant the wearing of gloves and I run warm, particularly my hands and feet, so the last thing I want to do is wear gloves in the summer.

Guess what?  All the burn resources tell me that I should keep my burn out of sunlight for the next year.  I burned the back of my hand, aka a place that is exposed to sunlight if *I* am exposed to sunlight, including while I drive my car.

I guess I'm breaking out the gloves... because I want to do everything I can to minimize scarring.  (I scar easily).

Right now we've finally reached the stage of oiling.  I'm lathering my spankin' new skin with Vit E several times a day.  Finally finally out of the polysporin and bandage routine.  My skin is SO ready to be done with vaseline based stuff!  I continue pushing vitamins.

So.  If you have some glove resources.... or burnscar remedies.... send 'em along.

As for the rest of life - I just resumed something approximating my normal level of manual flexibility, so I'm not sewing.  I'm playing Minecraft and um... yeah.  Not really much else.  Bored, ready for more energy!

Hope everyone is having a good evening............. :)


  1. Fingerless gloves in I dyed merino wool or natural cotton. In a few months, add dyed fiber. Or...that's what I would do.

    1. Makes sense. Though not wool. :) Maybe silk......

  2. oh yeah, fingerless gloves would be cute.

  3. Have you thought about looking for some vintage cotton gloves and cutting them down for fingerless? I saw a lot at the civil war re-enactment I was at a couple months ago. The cotton might be good for your climate and you can wash them easily - or dye them/embellish maybe?


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