Wednesday, January 8, 2014


When we got the new bookshelves in, we reorganized the front room several times... the books themselves ended up pretty disorganized, as "my" shelf ended up in the corner farthest away from me.

I'm forever trying to tighten up my organization with the books and integrate them usefully.  I think I did a fairly decent job this time.

The bookshelf by my (messy) desk.  To do:  Clean desk.  Ah, the joy of January... so much cleaning to do!

Top shelf:  Bibles, devotionals, and a collection of "little books" and pamphlets.  Next shelf:  Literature, particularly collections thereof.  Middle shelf, casual fiction hardbacks.  2nd from bottom:  Classics.  Bottom:  A few pretty books for storage (way in the back) and reference books - the 5" thick Random House encyclopedia does best on a bottom shelf!

I left this shelf largely alone, the top two are classic books, college-level history and whatnot.  The bottom two are photo albums.  And growing girl feet.  Size seven this weekend.  Sigh.  She's 9.

Top shelf:  Studies on books of the Bible, mostly Dr.  McGee.  Second shelf:  Homemaking (Marriage, money, etiquette, napkin folding, etc).  Third & fourth shelves:  How to:  Gardening, building, drawing, calligraphy, etc.  Bottom shelf:  College books that aren't needed ATM but could come in handy - my hard-core women's studies books are down there, as are some intercultural communication books from my mom.

The piece-de-resistance:  Left shelf:  Top is biographies, then we go to history and some social science/philosophy on the bottom two shelves.  Middle shelf:  Top is Bible reference books and classics of theology.  Second shelf is Christian living books.  Third is classic literature, fourth is writing reference books and computer certification books.  Bottom shelf is comparative religion, and wonders of the natural world.  (I had to stick the atlas in with the history, but that was a size decision).  Right shelf:  Top is my sewing books, second shelf is books about planes and tanks, and the bottom shelf is about guns.

I have more books, of course - but this is most of them.  :)  I feel good about having sorted my library, and hope that this is more functional.

And I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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