Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dresses for my girl

I was *so* excited about McCalls 6890 (  I thought, "Oh, perfect basic dress for my girl!" and didn't remember the iron-clad rule of flattery:  If you're not structured, your dress had better be.

Flowy boxy lines?  Turned into a sack dress.  And of course I'd all but finished it when I had her try it on... sigh.  I had the joy of ripping out quite a bit of very nicely done work.  I really must remember to keep my couture techniques for special garments and NOT everyday children's clothing.

But.  I learned to deal with lace - check it out!

I cut off the border of the lace and sewed it on separately, using the ribbon to cover where the two pieces are joined to my base fabric.  Gives the illusion that the piece of lace was triangular and just fit this dress, and that I didn't hack into it.  Good to get a new skill in my box, so that made me happy.

Here's the finished product:

Here's the other one.  (The neckline is fine, it's just wobbly on the hanger).  The important item here is the srawberry... she's had that patch for about a year, since she came to the fabric store for me and begged to pick "just one thing".  Had to make a whole dress to go with that strawberry!  

The strawberry, with the daisy trim that I hand-sewed onto the neckline and pockets, so it doesn't droop.

I made my life easy on this one - the dress includes pockets but I didn't feel like messing with sewing the seam pockets in and made patch pockets instead.  (I think they improve the dress).  I used regular bias tape for the facings (the pattern includes self-bias facings).  Unlike the first one, which since it is white had to be lined, no lining on the green, it is what it is.

She loves it.  We went out to dinner last night and she was more than pleased to wear it.  And I think I'll take the bodice (which fits well, at least after I cut it square) and add some tiered skirts from my fabric scrap collection and fill her closet back up.

It's a very young dress, now that I've modified it, and I'm a little surprised that she likes it so much.  But 9yo are all about comfort - at least if they're homeschooled 9yo - and this is a loose cotton dress in a bright, happy color.

Hey, this is easy, I'll take it.  :)


  1. Hearthie, they are beautiful! My best friend sews and made all her daughters' dresses when then were little. It's wonderful to have such a gift (I could bleed to death trying to sew on a button...). I hope you'll post more of your creations when you're done.

    1. Thanks Maeve! I haven't been sewing as much as usual lately, but hope to pick up the pace soon. She's wearing the ivory today, with black capri leggings under, which looks much cuter than it sounds. ALL about the comfy - this means she can sit on the floor with impunity.

    2. You know, I meant to ask you how you hand was doing. Burns can take so darn long to heal.

    3. Thank you! It's healed but pretty scarred. I hope that it heals more and is less noticeable. I've done all the right things, it's time and God at this point.

      I am just busy finishing up my internship at church, then I will be able to do more sewing. Or maybe this afternoon, 'cause I really don't feel like cleaning the bathrooms.... ;)

  2. I love the green one with the strawberry, very cute!


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