Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I has fabric!  :D

Well.  I have gobs and drifts of fabric... but I have *new* fabric, and that's what you wanted to know about, right?  Everyone nod!

Here's the fabrics - I got them online (on sale).  Clockwise from the brocade...  Cream and pink brocade, for my first corsets.  Blue pima cotton for 9yo's next dress.  (That is SO her color).  "Cream" "lawn" that is more like light tan and a heavier weave... was going to be lining, not sure what I'll do with it.  I have lots... it was cheap.  :p  Creamy linen - for a shirtdress.

Here are the fabrics up against a relatively untanned portion of my skin.  (My calf, if you care).  Check out how closely the brocade matches my skin tone.  WIN.  (It's lingerie, I don't want it to show through my clothes).    The cream is a nice shade on me too.... :D

Sewing more... soon!


  1. I'd love to know where you bought the fabric. Good fabric is so hard to find.

    1. I got it at - I've been very pleased with everything I've gotten from them except a few "too good to be true" prices on cottons, which showed up not quite as I envisioned. And sometimes colors can be a tad off - that's internet shopping for anything, though. Got some GORGEOUS flannel from them for my son last year. Squashy, so much nicer than you can get in town. The linen I've gotten from FB has always been nailed - although do pay attention to the weight, because they sell everything from heavy-weight all the way through handkerchief.

  2. Hearthie, I cannot wait to see that corset when you're finished. You are going to show, aren't you? (no, I don't mean it actually on you LOL)

    1. Yes. I think I'll start measuring today. :D I'll have most of the progress notes over on the All Laced Up blog, but hey - you needed to see that fabric, right? /grins.

      And also yes.... on a pillow, which is how most folks seem to show theirs off. I might take a picture of my back in it.


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