Friday, January 3, 2014

Gloves! I made gloves... and a pattern. :)

Okay, it's not much of a pattern, but I did write down my very loose directions for "how to make fingerless gloves out of knit fabric" - I even put a picture of the first gloves on it.

It's been a useful day.  We keep going out and so far I've been wearing the fuzzy gloves*.  Uh, it's been 70+ degrees in the middle of the day, I don't really want to wear *warm* gloves!  So making mitts was a very high priority for me.

I started with the knit fabric I found in the remnant pile, since I had quite a lot of it.  (I still probably have enough to crank out a tank top).   I made one pair of trial and error gloves, then two pair for everyday wear.   I think these are my husband's favorite gloves, he likes the California Girl vibe.  They work well with my tshirts and casual clothing - well, so long as the colors don't clash too violently.

I made one pair of white gloves - I got quite a lot of this thick white knit.  It's almost thick enough to make a bandage dress out of.  Very squashy and comfy, and very blah in person.  But I have a huge lace stash, much of which is vintage and too delicate for cotton lingerie (that I wear/wash frequently).   I used the basic glove pattern for the stretch fabric, then cut a matching piece of lace and sewed it on by hand.

I added a small row of lace on top.  I was wondering what I could do with this pretty, pretty lace - there wasn't much of it... this is just about perfect!

And I made a pair of crushed velvet red gloves.  (The color doesn't read true at all - they're a pink/red - but when the color read true, the velvet pile looked horrible).

So - operation gloves?  A resounding success.  And I have a pattern (written down!) so the next time I come across 1/4 yard of fabric that meets my specifications, I can add to my collection.  Hoorah!

* The pink and lace mitts were voted a resounding "fail" by my husband, he won't be seen with me wearing them.  Eek.

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  1. They are all so pretty, I can't decide which ones I like the best.


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