Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Morning Walk in the Park

One of my NY Resolutions was to walk my children every morning.  Just get 'em up, get 'em out, let them sort breakfast and whatnot out after we're home.  (They aren't morning people).

A few of my friends 'round the 'Net were posting pix of their outside adventures... so this is what our morning walk looks like.

Here's the view to the East - the park is on top of a mesa, so it has panoramic views.  You can see the morning clouds and mountains in the distance.

Here's my goofball of a dog.  Spot's an English Setter.  I spent so much time trying to train him out of quartering, I had no idea people pay good money to train their dogs *to* quarter.  I've given up and just enjoy watching him be silly and try to hunt on a leash.  He's happier, I'm happier, and Cesar Milan would probably be horrified... or maybe he wouldn't care, since Spot's doing exactly what he was bred to do.

Cold and dry right now... not much in bloom, not that this is a particularly floral park anyway.  But - some bougainvillea for you to enjoy.

Sun coming through the pine trees over the volleyball court.

Panoramic views!  This is the Rosicrucian Fellowship, the natural shape of the hills (minus houses) and the Pacific.

More views.  This time just of the neighborhood and the sea.

Yet more views.

It's not much of a walk, but you have to start SOMEWHERE.  :)


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