Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scrapdress - Stashbustin'!

I took a break from the corset-fitting process (at ALU if you're bored) and threw a scrapdress together for my daughter.  Some days it pays to have a good scrapdrawer.

Well.  I am good at getting the most out of what I cut, and I often have a half-yard or so of fabric left.  And sometimes I have more than that... :p

What comes of that is tiered skirts + bodices, not always from the same materials.  (I had enough of the flowered material to make a whole dress of it, but I like this better).  These fabrics were both left over from items I made for myself... so this was basically free.  I had the bias tape and lace in stash.

 She saw it, and she loves it!  :)

I put the little leaf-embroidery 'round the tops of the tiers, and 'round the edges of the neck and armholes.  Not only is this cute, it's very functional.  If you look at the stitch width, you'll notice it's as wide as a zig-zag, so it does a great job of holding things in place.  And it looks so much better.  Doing this was faster than hand stitching the bias-tape facings down, substantially so.

These dresses generally get worn to rags, or until they don't fit ... or both.  Not bad for a rummage 'round the stash!  :D


  1. Adorable! Your daughter is one lucky little girl to have such a talented seamstress for a mother :-)

    1. Aww, thank you. :) I wish I could get away with running around in this dress...


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