Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sewing Longevity: 2013 (and a bit of 2012) version

I didn't sew quite as much as usual in 2013 ... but I made enough.  Here's how my garments are holding up!

I shortened this wool skirt, made in 2011... still wearing it.  I wear it out fairly often, being wool it's not really a scrub-the-floors skirt.  Looks the same, total win.

9yo is still wearing this skirt, although it's stained now.  Win.

This dress, made in 2012 - still going strong.  Win.  Wear it once a month or more.

Green jacket - my wearable muslin for the red jacket a la Gertie.  I don't wear it much... I don't wear jackets often... but it's in the closet and it got a good deal of wear last spring.  Expect the same for this coming year, it's a good color on me.

Chemise-style tank top.  Yep, still in the drawer.  I don't wear it super often because of how radically unfitted it is - but it sure is comfy.  Got this in the remnants pile ... total inexpensive garment "win".
Tap pants.  They were made from stash fabrics, including some elderly lace which didn't survive the first run through the wash, and DH thought they looked silly.  Off to the DAV.

Four little dresses, made in fall 2012 - well, they're shorter.  And three of the four are stained and "home only" - but my daughter wears these nearly daily.  Expense vs.  use - total win.

The inside of the blue corduroy skirt.  Never very exciting.  Passed it on to a friend who wears corduroy.

Seaturtles.  I love my seaturtle dress, and wear it quite a lot in the summer.  It's still not the most tremendously flattering thing - but comfortable and cool, and it makes me happy.

 Another adventure with elderly lace - 9yo wore this twenty times, it's on my mending table.  The belt wants replacing, but the rest is in good shape.

I wore this skirt to death this summer.  I wore it so much, and it was so comfortable, despite being a terrible color for me and only really wearable under a tshirt, that I made another (and more flattering) version.  I've put this away for next summer... but I'm sure I'll get more wear out of it.

9yo is still wearing the owl nightgown that I made her last year.  The ribbon and the mini-rolled-hem are showing wear, the rest looks good.  I've noticed that mini-rolled hems don't hold up well to being worn/washed heavily. 
Green vest.  DH didn't like it, and I kind of thought I looked like a theme waitress.  It fit well enough and it was really well made.  Off to the DAV, hopefully it's blessing someone not-me.

The peasant blouse.  2013 was the summer of the peasant blouse!  I made and wore these dears to death, still wearing them under my denim dirndl.

9yo is still wearing this.  Cost >$20.  Time to make >15 minutes.  Win.

Another peasant blouse.  Wore it to death.  Put away for next summer (it is paper thin).  Will make more.  Blue denim skirt made in 2012?  Much faded, worn constantly.  Constantly.  It's one of my pair of "jeans". 
 Overshirt?  Put away.  It never did fit properly, but it got a work out keeping the sun from my arms while I sat and sat and sat some more at swim practice.  The plaid skirt?  Ugh.  Learned a lesson about not buying paper thin fabric - it stretched out of shape by the time I hemmed it.  I wore it a few times, went on with my life ---- and it went to DAVs.

My blue peasant dress?  Wearing it now, dahling.  The low-back (which I totally didn't anticipate) makes it something I don't wear out of the house much, but it makes a lovely and comfortable house-dress.  I spent more than I might on this dress, but I imagine I'll get years of wear out of it, and I'm not sure how much more comfortable you can get than a dress held on by two ribbons. 

Silk charmeuse nightie?  Still wearing, it gets its week on, two weeks off rotation with my other two silk nighties.  Holding up *very* well. 

If I wear this skirt any more often, someone is going to come take it away from me.... :p  Well, it's a tad light to wear ATM as it's just quilting cotton, but I am SUPER pleased and it nets me many a compliment.

Silk nightie, version 2:  Handkerchief silk... yep still going.  The new kitten put a hole somewhere in the vicinity of my knee that I'm meaning to sew up... but the fabric is so fine that I don't know how long it will last hole or no hole.  Loses dye every time I hand wash it... I'm pleased with my sewing job, love how soft it is, and recognize that its time will come far before the one that's twice as thick!

Denim dirndl.  DH loves this... and it's super comfy.  Like a half-corset, for taking the weight off.  Also, the confused stares amuse me.

Denim skirt:  Well, I'll never make a skirt of denim quite THIS thick again.  I was hoping for a 501esque weight skirt, but what I have is oddly wrinkly denim.  However, this is my basic skirt, in a basic color, in a basic fabric - and I'm wearing it 2-3x/wk. 
There you have it - what I made and where it ended up.  Seems like I'm doing pretty well... onward!


  1. Great wrap-up. The blue plaid in the skirt you don't care for is just beautiful. I can see why you were seduced by it!

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, it sure was pretty.... and it stretched out so much I could pull it on and off without using the button in two washes. I've learned a lot about fabric this year!

  2. Wow. You had a very successful sewing year. I love the flowered skirt especially. I can see why you get compliments.


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