Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life after internship?

I know, I'm not done yet.  Thursday and Saturday yet to go through.  But hey.  After the last three months of cramming every week full of intern stuff... it FEELS like I'm done.   No class on Monday, no followarounds... golly!

Looking around at my life, starting to check out the places that need excavating.

I kept up on the normal cleaning... but the heavy stuff?  Needs work.  I got about 1/2 way through re-shelfpapering my kitchen cabinets, and the outsides need scrubbing again.

We repainted the family room and got new desks - and never finished decorating.  That needs doing.  And the knick-knacks need dusting.  Frankly half the pictures in my house need new homes.

Gardening.  'Nuff said.

Kids rooms could use excavation.

OH MY GOSH where are all my clothes?  Entropy has happened... I sewed up a few things for 9yo, but her closet needs some help too.  Us gals need some pretties, stat!  (Things do wear out).

DH wants me to get new dishes, ours are chipped.  The eternal question:  buy cheapies at the discount store or spent more and buy from etsy or get the matching plates to our Japanese bowls, which we all love.  Yeah, I know what I should do, it's gulping down how much I'll spend on dishes that is slowing me down.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to sew priests hats for the Tabernacle.  I need to get back to work on that so I can give them the linen and get it out of my way.

Exercise.  I was walking every day before we got sick with the first bout of flu last month, never really got back to it.  I miss it - and my body misses the stretching I was doing along with the walking.

The corset project has been going along... I'm on hold for that until my next boning order comes in. (See ALU for details).  Looking forward to wearing something comfortable, and kind of holding off on anything really fitted until that's sorted.

I need to clean out the freezer, we're getting another lot of meat.

You know... I'm going to order the pretty plates.  We like them.  And that's one thing off my very long list!


  1. Hurrah for pretty plates. I've never regretted buying plates and bowls that I loved. I waited until they were half price though. :)

    1. DH laughed so hard at me when I told him how I was fussing about the cost and then the price. Apparently I am a very silly rabbit. :p These don't seem to go on sale, but they're SO pretty.


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