Sunday, February 16, 2014

My last followaround gave me a recipe!

I know.  You don't expect following the groundskeeping crew around to produce food information, but that's because your church doesn't get the leafblowing and whatnot done by a crew headed by a small Italian (as in, from Italy - born there) man.  Hey, I didn't know our property had a garden!  (Glad it does.  We have an odd-shaped property with a lot of "unusable" space.  Brilliant to have part of it be used as a garden).  I'd heard about his cooking, first followaround I've been sure NOT to eat prior to showing up for.

So he shows up with some food from the store, and then he trots off to 'his' garden to get some extra goodies - chicory and swiss chard.

Here's your recipe:

Chicory (well washed)
Swiss Chard (well washed)
Bell Pepper (plenty)
Broccoli rabe (or baby broc)
Salt, pepper, spices to taste
Scrambled  raw eggs
Proper sausage (cooked separately)

Slice/chop all of the above.  Fry the onion in the EVOO until soft, then add other veggies.  Cook well (about half an hour).  If you're going to add egg, keep the potato in the pan that doesn't get the egg.  Pour egg over, scramble all.  Serve with italian sausage, coffee, cream and toast (strictly optional, IMO).

You're going to have to do what he does, and only let people eat if they're willing to weed!  LOL.

It was GOOD.  I didn't know how to cook chicory (he called it chicorio) and I don't like it in salads, too bitter.  It offset the sweetness of the onion and bell pepper nicely, and he made sweet coffee... I dunno, it all worked together.  Leafy greens, particularly the bitter ones, are amazing for you, so I'm glad to have a recipe to make it work!

It was good fun - played a (very competitive) game of bocce after the work (and the food).  And I'm DONE with my internship... :D

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