Monday, February 10, 2014

State of the Intern Report

I'm almost done!  I have one more prayer meeting (I'll hit the Thursday evening) and one more followaround (groundskeeping on Saturday) and I'm DONE.  -does happy dance-

There have been questions about what exactly the internship is and what the point of it is, and I hit on a good description last night in chat, so here you are:  My church runs what is essentially a year-long, college-level course (with lab) on our church, its theology (both general and specific) and a large selection of its ministries.  The instructional portion covers everything from hermeneutics to a month-long Christian counseling course.  The "lab" is following the ministries around... everything from the Wednesday night pastor through all the sound ministries, the food bank, the kids stuff, the cleaning ministry - even (see above) groundskeeping.  Books:  You read your Bible in a year and they have about a dozen books that they have you read on top of that.  You write book reports on the books.  And on top of all of *that*, you have a monthly meeting with a mentor to keep you on track and see how you're progressing.  It's a lot of work!

The point:  Getting a good solid education about Christianity and finding the ministry in which you should be serving.  They want you to not just serve, but serve exactly where you ought to serve, using your gifts to the best.

What have I, personally, gotten out of it?  I found out that I really love corporate prayer and praying for other people in person.  I didn't think I'd like that, but I love it.  I got an incredible sense of how all the various ministries at my church work together - it's a big church, that makes an effort to get people involved, and there are over 80 ministries.  (No I didn't follow all of them!)  Everything flows together, and though Calvary Chapel *absolutely* runs on the Holy Spirit rather than organizational excellence... it all works together, and it *works*.  As Elspeth said, I come out of this with a very firm sense that this is *my* church, and an intimate knowledge of what is where, and who is who... and even where the supply closets are.  -lol-

So, what ministry calls me?  Counseling.  I went in knowing that counsel was a secondary gift (my primary gift is exhortation/encouragement).  So I will be hooking up with the counseling lady soon, see what further training I need.  I am also hoping to train for the Freedom in Christ ministry (I can link if anyone wants - think intensive Biblical truth session), but that depends on someone other than me showing up for classes.  (For those not in the church, "counseling" means one-on-one discipleship.  It's not therapy, it's "this is what God says about your issue.").

I want to give God my best, not just show up and be a warm body for a ministry I find tolerable.  Doing the internship has allowed me to find where I'm best suited to serve Him.  No, I don't get a paid job out of this!

It's been a good year, but I am SO READY to come back to my full-time job as wife and mommy... especially since I procrastinated my followarounds and have been living at the church just about for the past few months.  Sewing to do, gardening to do, and there are plenty of very dusty corners that could use some love.


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