Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unwinding my head

First, the useful information... when you make beef stock, throw some veggies in there.  I know the classic recipes don't tell you to toss in an onion or two ... do it anyway.  Beef bones on their own don't smell very good.  I don't know why.  But they don't.  And since it's a) going to be boiled for about 24 hours and b) going to be strained before use... why are you peeling things?  No, just toss 'em in.  Besides the yellow skin from the onions makes for a beautiful color.  (You can use it for egg dye, if you're so minded).  Yes, this is my Boys Town pot - it's got a sinkful of bones (exact!) and 5 1/2 gallons of water in, plus ancillary veggies.  I have to put it on the seldom-used center burner of my stove because it's so big.  

I needed to unwind my head creatively in a MAJOR way (still do) so I made an apron for the lady that we get our meat from (long story, but she definitely needs gifts).  I did something different this time - I made a patch pocket applique.  I cut two hibiscus shaped pieces of fabric, sewed them together and flipped them out, then embroidered (machine) the petals and stamen on, then finished the edges that wouldn't be attached to the apron, then attached them to the apron with an applique stitch.  This little apron took an entire spool of yellow thread!

I've made applique a time or two before, but never made a patch pocket applique, so this was different.  It didn't come out so perfectly that I'd put it on something other than an apron or a child's dress, but it's *cute* and fun.  Who doesn't need a flower pocket on their apron?  :)

I realized why I've been in such a funk for the past week or so - I finished my internship and I've been promising myself (in my head) that I'd take some time out and do some fun stuff for myself, but it's been all about the "you need to accomplish X Y Z because look!  They aren't done! Bad webbis!" and thus... super rebellious and cranky Hearth.  So - I'm going to take some time out and reconnect with my inner flower child.

I have a camisole draped on the doll outside, so I should sew her up and then ??? Well hopefully my bones will show up and I can work on my corset some more... :p

Thinking some aesthetic thoughts...................  I think (having unstuck myself) there might be more fun to come soon!

-sends chocolate and small frogs to everyone-


  1. Do you roast the bones before you boil them? If I remember correctly that greatly improved things the last time I made beef stock.

    1. Yes I do, for a short time -and yes it does!


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