Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Corset cover/Camisole

For Anne, who wanted to know about this.

It's just a quick camisole/corset cover that I made from some lace I got at the discount fabric shop that I frequent.  I'd seen this:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/177610779025957767/ and when I found very similar lace... well, what was a girl to do?

But I didn't do nearly that nice a job making it.  I just wrapped it 'round my dress form and put a couple of bust darts in, buttons down the back, and folded up the hem to my waist.  Ribbons over the shoulder.

Things I found out:

1) If you're radically not the same size front and back, make separate front and back pieces.  My back is INCHES shorter than my front, this led to some hilarity in the hem area.

2)  Don't stress easy jobs, just do them.  I twittered around for a while not doing this, and it took me a couple of hours.

Oh, and the original is pigeon-waisted, which gives you that pouter-pigeon silhouette so coveted in the Edwardian era.  Not since, so that's why mine doesn't have the waist gathers.

Betsy doesn't have as small a waist as I do, so this wouldn't button, which leads to the odd hang.  Well.  Some of it.  Most of it is the whole, "My back and front are not the same size and I was being lazy".

Very wide darts from the waist.  If I'd put in side seams, I could have had some low side-seam darts.  But I didn't put in side seams.  Once is all I'll make that particular mistake.

For all of my laziness, this looks GREAT under my low-cut sweaters and under buttondowns, and that lace (and the extra room up top) covers up the top of my corset pretty well.  

I'm working away on my blouse, should have it done tomorrow.

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