Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do more good things

I've been sorting out my head... and I notice that I enjoy any number of things that are extremely good for me, but I don't do them much.  These are things that are good for my soul, my body, or my mind... but I don't do them.

I'm going to do more good things.  Fun things.

My favorite organic grocery store is not much further away than my children's old school.  It is in easy walking distance.  My kids and I are going to start walking there once a week for the grocery shopping.   Because we can.  I'll get us all juices (they just opened a juice bar) and we'll have fun.

I adore long walks.  I need to train up for them... but I love them.

I love being outside.  Why not go outside more?

I love creating.  Why am I sitting at my computer desk when I could be sitting at my sewing machine?

Yes, there has to be balance - I can't exhaust myself (especially all at once) and then flop.  But -more good things-.  Nothing that I love to do - truly love to do, not idle fidgets to fill up time- is bad for me or anyone else.  Quite the contrary.

We spend a lot of time fussing about the negative things in our lives, boxing ourselves out and away.  Not that negative things don't have to go - but you have to put positive things IN.  Fill up with joy and idle entertainment tastes like cardboard.

More good things.


  1. Great idea! I would have loved to go for a walk with a treat at the end when I was a kid, still probably would.

    1. I didn't think about that! One of my nicer memories was taking (fairly long, for my age) walks with my parents and sometimes ending up with an ice-cream cone. Yay! Memories with the kidlets. :D

  2. It's so funny that you would mention mind, body, soul; I was commenting to a friend the other day that I have neglected mine for so long that I was almost afraid to take a good look. And then it hit me that this is exactly how I need to use this Lenten season - try to start healing those parts of me that are absolutely withering.

    1. May I encourage you to do good things for yourself, in that case. Don't just weep (or rage) about what has been left undone, do things for yourself that cherish the gift that God has given you.

  3. Good stuff Hearth. While this is a more spiritual angle than you get into here, I couldn't help but think of how often Scripture admonishes to do the good and we will of necessity eliminate the bad.

    For example: "Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh."

    Or instead of repeatedly telling us not to think negative thoughts we get things like: "Whatsoever things are pure, lovely, of good report, etc. Think on these things."

    It's a good reminder that the way we overcome the tendencies we hate is to focus on doing the more excellent thing.

    1. Yes, to everything you said - and thank you for saying it.

      This seems to have really hit a chord. Maybe I'll have to do a little Screwtape Letters quoting over at HHH soon....

  4. I completely understand what you are saying here and I have been in much the same place in my own mind. I question myself why I am sitting at a computer instead of with needle and thread or with a book. With the abundance of choices we have now days, it becomes too easy to make the wrong ones.


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