Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Frankenstein Design

I've been wanting to make something a bit more sophisticated and pretty for my 9yo daughter than what she'd gotten from her last dress.  I sketched something out (right) and put a frankenstein first draft together from bits and pieces of the patterns to the left.  

The body of the dress is from the chemise from the folkwear pattern - I think it would look just darling, with pintucks down the body to give her a little structure.  Flouncy sleeves and a flouncy skirt - very 30s.  Cute?  Hopefully!

I grabbed my stash of sheets and started cutting/stitching.  This is a very rough draft, designed to give me an idea of what needs to happen with the final form - and if this will work on her.  9yo don't need fine fitting, this will do just fine.  The big tucks are to indicate pintucks, the flounceskirt was too big, as were the sleeves - but of course these things will be adjusted if the whole idea seems to work.  

It's roughly about the same size as the last dress I made for her, so I think we might have a winner.  She's at AWANA now, so she'll have to try it on tonight.  :)

I hope this works, because the aqua voile covered with purple flowers will look smashing in this pattern.


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