Friday, March 7, 2014

I finished the corset

Run over to ALU if you want more details..............


  1. Oh Hearthie, it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. I wanted to make a couple comments at ALU, but there is no Name/URL option over there.
    You look really good. I am jealous (in a good way). I have been wanting to make myself a corset and have been reading up on it for several years. Bras were invented by Satan.

    I had been thinking about using cable ties for boning though.

    Could you write about the corset cover?

    1. Really? I'll have to look into that, I thought I had the comments set up the same way at both blogspot blogs. And I'd be happy to write about the corset cover. Not much to it!

      Cable ties - yes. The corset book I bought discussed using those. I expect you could use them alright, you'd want rather a lot of them though. The spirals SOUND restrictive, but they really aren't. The straight steels are more so, but even then you want 1/2" wide in back to stabilize the corset. (I ordered a bunch of spiral boning - they sent me a coil. It's very bendy). You'd be surprised what your body can (and will) bend!

      The fitting process was by far the most difficult part of the whole deal. You can't really tell what fits and does not until you're in a boned corset with laces etc... :p You can re use the bones but not the grommets - so plan your project accordingly. My husband told me that this would be something of a trial corset and my next corset would be more the "real deal" - two days into wearing it, and I have to agree with him. (I"ll discuss on blog, there's a lot to say).

      Thanks for your kind words!

    2. About the boning, I was more concerned with price (though that may not be a big enough deal to worry), availability (can get locally), and most importantly rust. That second link had some price info, but since I didn't know how many feet of boning I would need, I was having trouble converting it into a per corset price, and I am very price sensitive.
      What book did you buy? If I want to do this, what would you recommend I read? Are there any things you wish you'd done differently? You look like you are my shape, so you probably would have good advice for me.

    3. Rust? Err... I didn't think about rust. I don't know how much of a big deal that is. My materials are all washable, and I'm wearing it regularly, so it will be washed (by hand) and line-dried, I'll let you know if rust presents itself. (Stupid bones sticking out ... I'll know).

      I will say that ordering everything was a pain in the butt. But you're going to have to have some things ordered, so you may as well accept that. Unless you have a shop where you can buy a busk? You *have* to have a busk.

      I'll go take a picture of my tools and the book I got and discuss over there... :) Really must figure out my comment box.


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