Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shirt Fitting

As I may have mentioned, I keep opening my closet, looking inside and saying, "Dang.  I need more shirts."  (I think I have five I wear... plus sweaters.  It was 80 degrees today...)

Looking for a cute shirt pattern -

I started with view A.  (Who wants a shirred shirt?  Not me.)  Theoretically I was a straight size F out of the box.  It's hard for me to figure out tissue sizing on princess seams, so I gave it a go.  Came out surprisingly well in the first draft.  (This is a sheet.  Always make a muslin.  You may remember it from making a muslin of a shirt for DH some time back).

Two changes to be made.  It didn't have quite enough room in the bust and it had a bit too much room in the back waist.  I gave a quick go to a slash (in the muslin) about where they always tell you to slash and spread the pattern for princess seamed alterations.  What do you know - a slash made it fit!  Wild.  I'm short but I am long in the torso, so I didn't make any length adjustments, except to compensate for the length I added in the bust by taking an equivalent amount out on the "lengthen/shorten" line.   (Yes.  Patterns over curvy bits are a mystery unto all of us).  (An inch, if anyone is interested).

The usual back-waist taper.
I put in those two pattern adjustments and voila! I have a shirt muslin that fits - not too tight, not too loose.  Body skimming.

So tomorrow or this week, I'll sew up the real deal.  If it works, you'll probably see a pile of them.  I've needed a cute easy to deal with shirt for *ages*.

I was worried about the sleeve length - but it looks cute in muslin.  Not nearly as short as shown.

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