Sunday, March 2, 2014

So many thoughts

... and so little time.

Since this is at least partially a sartorial blog, here's my sartorial thought for the day.  Remember the butterflies and roses skirt?  The one I was seriously worried about being "way too much"?  Well, I have to stop thinking *anything* is too much.  I look dreadful when I stay safe and classic.  I look like myself when I just go for broke.  I don't think I wear that skirt but that it gets compliments... and that's helping me make some needed courage adjustments.

For my next make (after I finish my corset, which is on the home stretch), I'm making a shirt. I need shirts.  Decided to try out a new pattern, which should be flattering - I look good in mandarin collars, princess seams... and, well... I look good in color.

-put your sunglasses on now-

Yes.  Bright blue cotton with a polka dot texture (very large dots) and tiny, lipstick red trim.

If this works out as I see it in my head, I'll get a ton of use out of it.  If not, well... you won't miss me in a crowd.  :D


  1. I'm getting a retro vibe from it, kind of a pin-up look. I love it!

    1. Um, no? Just the palette... and I didn't think of that. Yay you! :)

      It's this pattern:


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