Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cycles, Linen and Life

So, I was powering through sewing like a madwoman, and DH brought home a copy of a beta game, and asked me if I'd like to play with him... so I've been playing computer games.  Along about that time, my normal cycle of energy went from full-throttle to dead stall (which is normal).   I get really annoyed at this lack of energy, there is SO MUCH I want to do!  But this week God gave me some insight... because when I was sewing like a madwoman, I wasn't writing, I wasn't getting introspective.  So, my times of quiet body are times of busy brains, and maybe that's okay.  Anyway that shirt I was going to finish "tomorrow" is finished except I want to re-insert the collar and I need to make buttonholes/put in buttons/figure out what I'm doing with the shoulders if anything.  I could finish it in two hours... not sure when that two hours will be.

In the meantime, my favorite online fabric place had a linen sale.  Linen is a very practical fabric here in SoCal - I bought a ton.  :) All but the coral has been washed up and is ready to use (I wash fabric as soon as I get it and store it clean and ready-to-go).  (But even though I"m pretty confident in this company and things being dye-fast, I give an initial washing in similar colors.  Red & blue aren't similar colors, so coral is still in the laundry.

Here's the fabric straight out of the box.  Getting these colors photographed true is a miserable job... and some of that has bitten me in the tail.  The coral is the only one I've not re-photographed.  It's for me, I'm going to make a button-down with it.

This is a french-blue linen (allegedly) hanging in the sun - this is as true to color as I can snap a pic.  This was SUPPOSED to be a shirt for my hubs, but in the picture online, it was much darker and appeared much finer grain.  It's nice fabric, but it's not shirting.  A casual dress?  A casual *short* dress?  Not for *me*, I look horrible in this color...

Yarn-dyed white and aqua linen.  This comes out as an ice aqua.  Ice colors, as opposed to pastel colors, are very hard to find.  My mom is a Winter, and I snagged this for her.  (Don't tell, it'll be a present).  (No, she doesn't read my blogs).

 Not sure why this looks purple.  In the photo online it was darker... anyway, it's periwinkle.  MUCH colder IRL than it was online, and it'll thus be a shirt for DH rather than a shirt for me.

Baby Blue.  Also destined to be a button-down for DH.

Taupe/beige:  A long-sleeved shirt for my dad (don't tell!).

Linen acquisition and cyclic exhaustion have rearranged my sewing priorities.  On top of the table (after I finish that shirt) are a slip for my daughter (so she can wear her white dress), the shirt for my dad (his bday si coming up) and my Easter dress.  After that?  I don't know!  I do know I have gardening to do, and my yard is rioting.

Lots of creativity here *always*, because that's how I roll.  :)

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