Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Details, details

I try to mix things up for my daughter...

 Especially when I'm making the same pattern over and over and over.  So for this run I took a bit of the leftover fabric from my blue and green blouse and made a collar and pocket for her.

Navy is *so* her color... wish I could get her to stand up straight and not do odd things when I'm taking pix.  10's that sort of age though, and she'll be ten very soon.

Having started to play with my pretty stitches, this time I finished the armhole and hem with the curvy stitch and then cut away the excess fabric.  (I'm sure it will wash away too).  

Originally I nearly kept this piece of fabric for myself - the botanical print is quite up my alley.  But I knew it belonged to her... and it does.  Yes, it's far more sophisticated than hot pink skelanimals, but so is very nearly anything.  ;)  She looks pretty and the style, collar and pocket keep the whole thing youthful.

One more dress for my little girl, and on to ... something else!   Probably shirts for DH.


  1. Just so pretty! And I agree that the blue collar really elevates the whole piece.

    1. Thank you! It is very soft/floppy material, and I didn't want to interface it (it's doubled) because the interfacing would show through, so I left it as is. I'm thinking the collar suits her, and was very easy to do - VERY easy - so she's going to see more of these on her dresses to come!

  2. Very cute, Hearth. She's such a doll!


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