Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shirts: A lot of the same thing that aren't the same

I finished the last bits of the navy blouse today.  First, here's the blouse:

 This isn't true to color, it's a very sheer cotton eyelet (yes, that's the hanger you can see through the shirt).  Better picture of the color lower down.  I used a green crocheted lace as the trim and wooden buttons.  I thought this brought out "feminine and natural" well.

For the topstitching, I used green thread that matches the lace.  I thought it was a nice touch.  Subtle, but the eye does pick these things up.  :)

And this is how I'll wear it tonight, for date night.  Blue blouse, rose skirt, leather-rose accessories.  I'm going to feel a little like a fairy-tale... but that's sort of the idea.  :)

You can see how this stuff comes together... I'm really excited about the wardrobe that God has me building.  I love all the pieces separately and together they're expressing exactly what I want them to express...

(That's Nadia, our eldest cat, in the top left-hand corner.   She likes to sleep on our bed in the daytime).

Now that I've made FOUR of these shirts, I'm done with the pattern for a good long while.  (Vogue 1260 from Sandra Betzina if you want one of your own).

Pattern notes:  The only really odd thing is that the button placket is cut on the bias, which led to some very strange stretching and wrinkling in the lighter cottons.  The heavier cotton lace and the linen didn't worgle up like that.  I just went with it, particularly with the navy blouse, it looks like a design feature.

If I make this again in a light fabric, I think I will cut the placket on the straight-of-grain.  

And this is how you make four blouses that don't look at all alike... even though they're cut exactly the same.  I chose very different fabrics and very different trims for each blouse.

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